Raise Money

Learn how to raise money to support your local Field Unit for useful expenses. This Video Tutorial walks you through the options.

There are many ways to raise money, and we're here to help! Learn how to collect donations using Eventbrite for your event ticketing; have individual donations be directed to your field unit; win foundation grants; run community GoFundMe campaigns; and collect cash donations.

In each of the following, 80% of funds can be allocated to a specific Alliance, State, or Region. The remaining 20% supports the Office of Field Operations and the National organization for the finance, administrative, and technology needs that make this system possible and preserve Braver Angels' financial integrity for its non-profit audit. 

Collect donations from event attendees through the Braver Angels Eventbrite account.

Solicit donations from individuals for local expenses. 

GoFundMe offers a crowd fundraising platform for special project fundraising.

Tap local foundations for significant contributions. 

Pass the hat at your face-to-face Braver Angels events. 

More questions? Visit the Finance Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us.