The Braver Angels Shop

What Is the BA Shop?

The Braver Angels Shop offers a number of outreach resources to support you including brochures, business cards, table runners & signage, and Braver Angels branded apparel. 


Resources from the Braver Angels Shop can be purchased with private funds and are a great use of your alliance funds, which you can tap into with your BILL Spend & Expense card (formerly Divvy). Note that printed material (such as the Trifold)  may be cheaper to print locally from a PDF rather than using the Braver Angels Shop.

In-Person Events (Fairs, Conventions, and other public gatherings)

Spreading the word about Braver Angels helps to grow our movement and heal the partisan divide. Braver Angels members do this by speaking at alliance events, libraries, colleges, service organizations (e.g., Rotary Club),  places of worship,  as well as showing up at county fairs, conventions, and all kinds of public gatherings. 

Resources for In-Person Events 

Wondering how to stock a table at your local fair? Below are some suggestions that have worked well in the past.

For smaller events you might consider:

For larger events you might also consider:

Best Practices for Attending a Fair or In-Person Event

When you are running a table at a local event, we recommend some best practices to get the most out of your attendance.


Plan ahead!

Booth etiquette  

Be social!

For more information on planning for and attending events, please look at the Braver Angels Ambassadors Toolkit.

Please let us know what you thought of the shop.  Did it work well?  Were there problems?  Is there something you'd like to see added to the shop?  Go to the button below to provide feedback.