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Branded Outreach Presentation with a Workshop Mini-Experience

Want to introduce BA to a wider audience with something more than a lecture? Want to show the audience a mini-experience of what happens in a BA workshop?

You have two options: Navigating Difficult Conversations and Crossing the Continental Divide.
The differences are noted in this chart. (In essence, Navigating Difficult Conversations was created from a Moderator perspective while Crossing the Continental Divide was created from an Ambassador perspective.)

You can find the files here:

Navigating Difficult Conversations 

Crossing the Continental Divide

Ambassador Program & Toolkit

Everyone in Braver Angels is an ambassador for the organization and is welcome to use the resources below. We also offer an opportunity to become a Braver Angels Ambassador who receives additional support and information for public outreach. If you’d like to know more about that program, click here.

The Braver Angels Ambassador program offers this toolkit that is covered in Ambassador Orientation. It covers multiple areas of interest for anyone interested in outreach on behalf of BA. 

Also, if you'd like to take an e-course on Ambassador games and activities, go to this link.  There are activities galore at the link.

Field leaders may also request a Braver Angels Ambassador to conduct a presentation or other outreach by using this form.

Find an Ambassador in your state.

If you have done outreach which you'd like to be included in the database of ambassador outreach, use this outreach form to report it.

Slides & Scripts for Presentations

The following are presentations that have been vetted with special interest groups throughout the organization. While you may make changes, we recommend that you pay close attention to the speaker notes for examples of appropriate ways to discuss certain ideas. Also, considering that “less is more,” you are strongly encouraged to keep the minimalist theme of the slides. NOTE: To make changes to any of these presentations, you will need to MAKE A COPY in Google Slides. 

Also, each of these can be uploaded into PowerPoint.

For more information or help, contact Linda Beck at


Here is a sample of the short Becoming Braver Angels presentation that can be used as an example or as part of another presentation. 


Feel free to explore this repository of past presentations for other ideas (accessible with Braver Angels gmail), which were created to introduce others to the organization and its work, including the following presentations.

Brochures, Flyers, Talking Points, & Zoom Backgrounds

Other Useful Outreach/Insight Materials



*These are becoming dated but still may have value to show our history and process. If used, please be sure to note in context.  

Writing Coaching

A database of writing coaches are available to help with: 

You can find the Writing Coaches database here: Simply review the list of coaches, select one you'd like to work with, and contact them directly. 


For the most current articles, videos, podcasts and more check out the Braver Angels media page.

Promote your Event

Submit a request to our national Media Team to promote your Braver Angels event, share media material of a past Braver Angels event, share a Braver Angels shout out in the media, or a call-to-action announcement. The media team will receive your request and share this in the National newsletter or social media channels accordingly.

Elevator Pitch Workshop

The Elevator Speech Workshop, pre is an interactive session designed to help you develop a clear, concise, and memorable way to talk about Braver Angels with media, potential partners, and prospective Braver Angels members.Particpants will receive a complimentary copy of Lorraine’s book, Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift! a step-by-step guide to eliminating the verbal clutter when answering the question “What do you do?”

The Ambassadors sponsor these workshops once a quarter. For more information, contact


The Ambassadors also sponsor an 8-week Toastmasters program for interested Ambassadors and others who may be interested. For more information, contact

Red Recruitment

As part of Braver Angels’ commitment to mirroring the world we live in, we have the following resources designed to help with outreach to Reds. 

Ambassador Meeting with Red Panel: Video and Notes

BA Podcast featuring some Reds from Braver Angels.


Numerous evaluations and studies have been done of the effectiveness of Braver Angels' work, including the following:

BA 2024 Report, Part 1