Field Structure

To all Field Team Leaders: We are so pleased that you have taken this important leadership role with Braver Angels. You join over 200 other national volunteers who serve and lead our 50 states and over 70 Alliances throughout the country. We are the grassroots arm of Braver Angels and bring our message to our fellow citizens--red and blue. We follow the Braver Angels Way in our practices and policies, as seen throughout this website.

Braver Angels Field Structure

The Field is supported by the Office of Field Operations and consists of:

  • Nine Regions, each with one Red and one Blue Regional Lead

  • 50 States, each with one Red and one Blue State Coordinator

  • Varied Alliances (statewide, regional, and local), each led by one Red and one Blue Alliance Co-Chair.

History of the Field

The Field structure was established in 2019 via the Field's charter.