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Vermont Braver Angels Live!

Braver Angels of Franklin County, Vermont hosted a picnic on September 11, 2022. We gathered at the base of our community ski slope in a new recreation center in St. Albans to share our experiences and inspire others to start Alliances in Vermont. Fifty-five people from all around Vermont (and beyond) showed up and spent three active hours together.

The group included many local politicians and state candidates from all sides of the aisle. 

Each person introduced themselves and let us know their questions and/or expectations.

Vermont State Coordinator Lincoln Earle-Centers showcased Braver Angels through the “Finding Common Ground in Ohio” video. Braver Angels Franklin County Co-Chairs Shanna Ratner and Dan Pipes then introduced our alliance, which was formed in 2017. We reviewed our alliance history, how we operate, and then each of our core group explained why they keep coming back.

Next came a taste of Braver Angels skill development through an exercise in storytelling, skilled listening and skilled inquiry facilitated by Shanna Ratner. New England Regional Coordinator Doug Teschner updated the group on the braver politics initiative, offering to train VT legislators on a number of topics.

After all that, we all dug into a fabulous picnic provided by local Alliance members. People sat grouped by county and ate, talked, and laughed together. Contact information was shared across many levels. This pleasant late summer afternoon gathering resulted in at least three groups across Vermont looking to form their own local alliances.

Steal this idea! Braver Angels in Jackson, MS, recently launched a novel way to get Reds and Blues together: a watch party (yes, with snacks!) to see recorded debates between Republican and Democrat US Senators and then to discuss in Red/Blue pairs. On June 23, 2022, nine Reds and nine Blues met to see Fox News'  Bret Baier moderate the debate between Senators Bernie Sanders and Lindsay Graham. Nic Lott, Red co-chair of the Jackson Alliance, came up with the idea; he and Blue co-chair Paul Buckley are planning similar events this month and next.