Frequently Asked Questions


When I click to open a file, it says I don't have access. What do I do?

Make sure that you are logged into Google Workspace using your Braver Angels email address, not your personal email address. To protect the security of our documents, many resources require you to be logged in to your Braver Angels account in your browser. If you need help, please email field tech support.

Who is eligible to get a Braver Angels Email Address / Google Workspace Account, and how do I request one?

Any field leader can nominate a volunteer to receive a Braver Angels email address, provided they offer a justification based on the person's role.  Simply use this form to make your request.   (Note that you must be logged into a Braver Angels Google Account to use the form.)

For all other technology FAQ's please visit the BA tech support site.


Is there a process for accepting donations to alliances? 

Yes, visit the Field Funding Program website for more information. 

Alliance Administration

Our Alliance changed Chairs. How do we change the names and contact information to remove the old Chairs and replace them with the new?

Your state coordinator or regional lead can use this form to submit updates to an existing Braver Angels alliance, such as changing an alliance co-chair or changing the name of an alliance or dissolving an alliance.

Please email the Office of Field Operations for help.

Certificate of Liability Insurance

If you need a Certificate of Liability Insurance issued for a Braver Angels Event, please contact Braver Angels Field Funding team at

You will need to provide the following information:

- Name and address of entity requesting the certificate

- Date of the event

- Time of the event

- Location of the event

Event Attendance 

You do NOT have to be a member to take a workshop or to take an e-course.  

There is no age restrictions on attending a workshop. However, all participants agree to abide by the ground rules and if they are under legal age, their parent or guardian agrees to the ground rules on their behalf.

How BA is Funded

Ever wondered how the Braver Angels organization is funded and how we use the funds?  Check out the information on the Braver Angels website about sources of funding, how we use the funds, and why we need continued funding at this link.  Our financial reporting documents can also be found at there.